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From Twitter 11-12-2010

  • 02:10:24: omg ian! i am packing too! see you there! ahhh!!
  • 02:36:34: RT @eserei27: I'm about 97% sure Ian Somerhalder is gonna fall hopelessly in love with me this weekend...
  • 04:04:39: i should try and sleep. ha. ha haha. ha.
  • 06:07:51: ugh, it's still gonna be pitch black when i head out to catch my shuttle. i hope i don't get killed.
  • 06:30:19: i should finish getting ready. meh.
  • 06:59:24: 33 degrees outside rn. that's just great.
  • 07:09:53: airport time again. not too excited about this part of the trip. meh.
  • 07:20:46: at least the shuttle place is right in front of a police department. even if there's like no one there. also, brrrr.
  • 07:25:18: aww i miss going to class this early :P
  • 07:31:19: shuttle is late. why am i not surprised. this bitch better come quick. i cannot miss this flight. uuuugghh.
  • 07:40:21: haha i love when people stare at the super gay backgrounds on my phone. then they look at me, wondering.
  • 07:46:34: buffalo international is the only airport i've been to that doesn't have free wifi. fuckers.
  • 07:56:02: holy shit the airport is packed. dayum.
  • 08:02:58: omg this bitch is new at making coffee. this is srs bsns and they're gonna screw it up.
  • 08:14:41: couldn't find a muffin, but i found a breakfast sammich.
  • 08:26:05: this pathetic thing was 5.23 jesus christ. why is this world so stupid
  • 08:45:44: boarding in 15 min. wooo
  • 09:09:47: man, i'm spoiled with jetblue. this airlines is so bleh.
  • 11:19:34: landed in charlotte. now i'm tired.
  • 11:26:19: wow this airport is gorgeous. so big. they have like every single food possible.
  • 11:43:17: boarding in 2 mins! (@ Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) w/ 28 others)
  • 11:53:53: see you in new orleans ;D
  • 13:54:00: landed in new orleans! :D
  • 14:13:22: the food here. omg.
  • 15:33:36: headed to the hotel.
  • 16:02:04: palm trees! and regular trees! together as one! lol
  • 16:12:47: I'm at Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY) (900 Airport Dr, Kenner) w/ 10 others.
  • 16:33:25: love tha name. heh (@ La Quinta)
  • 16:56:04: "so, what are we doing today?" "uh... twitter. duh." :P
  • 17:09:01: RT @eserei27: "suck my dick." so says @darkelegance
  • 17:10:39: so much lol right now.
  • 17:49:58: "you're like one step ahead of me. or five." @eserei27
  • 18:03:15: UGH my phone gets no signal in this hotel room. uuugh.
  • 19:33:58: RT @HarMarSuperstar: When you live on my clock, daylight savings actually eliminates sun from your day completely.
  • 19:37:23: we're gonna go walk the french quarter like prostitutes, apparently.
  • 19:38:11: haha i'm like... i'm going to look up places to go cause you people are incompetent. but really, i'm just going on twitter.
  • 20:32:30: omg it's 69 degrees! yessssss! haha
  • 20:34:30: i have a featha in mah hair. with jewels on it. fuck yeah.
  • 20:52:20: oh man, i'm so tired. i didn't sleep at all last night.
  • 21:14:22: there are so many beautiful run down old building here. it's pretty epic.
  • 21:51:45: holy SHIT this place!! i cant even imagine how it must be durin mardi gras
  • 22:36:35: boutine on a bun. interesting. jambalaya? not so much. lol
  • 22:37:04: man, it's damn humid. woooooogrrhd
  • 23:36:56: this guy on stage is so good and so cuuute haha
  • 23:43:19: jello shot in a syring!
  • 23:45:39: we sucked those fuckers down.
  • 23:46:46: the south. country. i almost forgot haha. this is taking me back to college... cause of my roommate :P

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