Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-13-2010

  • 00:11:48: new orleans has a lot of big ass beer. heh
  • 00:30:57: this is the biggest beer ever. omg. wtf. peter petrelli. wat.
  • 00:58:34: my dad just called me. oh noooo. lol
  • 02:07:07: omg @calumfan1 thhey r play our song
  • 02:54:13: we. are close. to home. ish. lol
  • 10:46:30: omg why am i awake.
  • 17:59:41: this shower thing is so not happening.
  • 18:08:43: i hate when my fingers get numb after drinking. but it was so worth it.
  • 19:01:36: seeing ian somerhalder in 2 hours. omg.
  • 20:39:32: there are so many country stations here lol
  • 20:43:48: omg just saw the pic of ian somerhalder dressed as stefan for halloween. epic.
  • 20:56:24: i bet there are like 5 people who care about animals at this dinner. the rest are all here for ian somerhalder lol.
  • 21:08:33: we're heeere. place is nice, but coooold. we're glancing around for ian.
  • 21:35:47: after last night, i'm so over drinking. lol
  • 21:58:48: OMG IAN SOMERHALDER. he's gorgeous and sweet and omg!
  • 22:03:36: everyone's crowding him. these girls are cray cray. lol
  • 22:11:45: standing in line to get a pic with ian. w00t.
  • 22:33:43: I feel like I'm at comic con rn. with a good treat at the end haha
  • 22:48:43: omg nervous! he's just so beautiful!
  • 22:59:19: aww ian's mom.
  • 23:02:41: he's taking an hour break. my feeeet.
  • 23:08:07: the girls here are all so pretty. swoon.
  • 23:17:18: omg ian somerhalder just talked to meee and smiled andhand porn aaahh. we didnt get a pic yet but he's being so sweet about them.

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