Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-14-2010

  • 00:00:07: ian somerhalder! he's hugging everyone haha
  • 01:34:48: hahaha the car in front of us has a bumper sticker that says "I drive like a Cullen" waaaat.
  • 01:37:00: ran out of time so i didn't get a personal shot with ian, but he took a group shot with us! w00t
  • 01:40:44: i got a bunch of awesome pics of him, though! he's the sweetest! glomped my hand twice.
  • 01:59:44: i didn't drink at all tnight. wow.
  • 02:35:24: time for fooood. diner food. nom.
  • 02:43:32: we don't know what this is. all it says is 'special blend'
  • 02:47:37: this is me rn. i'm so tired lol
  • 03:39:40: hot fudge cake supreme. holy shit.
  • 03:53:16: so. full. (@ American Pie Diner)
  • 04:41:58: heeeey i'm back. awesome night was awesome.
  • 05:12:57: omg i'm exhausted. the one night i could actually go to sleep early and i can't cause i have to go to the airport in 2 hours. fail.
  • 05:28:06: RT @eserei27: global filter rules!
  • 05:46:16: I'm at La Quinta (5900 Veteran's BLVD, Metairie).
  • 06:57:40: ugh. airport time. dnw.
  • 07:13:40: PEACE OUT.
  • 07:34:50: dropped the car off. takin the shuttle to the airport. weee.
  • 08:00:04: haa there's this badass looking guy in line with a hot pink head rest thing.
  • 08:21:43: this airport is crazy crowded rn. wow.
  • 09:02:45: i hate continental. ugh
  • 11:59:15: landed in newark. i just wanna be home already. everything aches.
  • 13:16:06: finally boarding. see you in b-lo.
  • 14:41:04: buffalo. now i have to keep myself awake on the bus so i don't miss my stop. oh man.
  • 14:52:32: wow i just saw a part of the buffalo airport that i've never seen before. i got scared for a second lol
  • 14:54:28: wow the weather is so nice. i'm in a hoodie and only the slightest bit chilly, which i love. at least that.
  • 15:27:37: man, this bus is going through the shadiest part of town ever.
  • 15:34:20: i really miss vito. i hate coming back and not having him be here.
  • 16:18:56: hooooome and hungry, but I'm not getting out of bed for 5 days. lol
  • 16:26:25: there needs to be a burger delivery service all up in here.
  • 17:48:56: I think I need a nap.

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