Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-20-2010

  • 01:01:13: i need a new nailpolish color on my nails. ideas?
  • 01:03:00: <33333 RT @xnursexnaughtyx: "What's wrong son? Got rattlers in your stomach?" #Farscape
  • 01:10:21: aaahh how exciting!
  • 01:12:51: also i made muffins. fuck yeah.
  • 01:15:25: oh whoops, missed my 49,000th tweet a little bit ago. i told @suckit_nerds i'd def make it to 50,000 by new years. think it's gonna happen.
  • 01:15:34: yep. #twitterwhore
  • 01:19:57: club music down the block, shut up.
  • 04:24:50: i have an amazon giftcard. i think i'm finally gonna get the kryolan uv dayglo color palette. i'm not good with water based, but i need it.
  • 07:37:12: oh john barrowman. never change.
  • 08:29:57: laptop is acting weird DDD:
  • 10:03:46: i keep forgetting it's saturday. woe.
  • 10:16:42: not really tired, but i guess some sleep should try and happen.
  • 10:34:23: my bedroom smells like chocolate from the ch. chip muffins I made. heh.
  • 10:36:55: ok gnight for realsies.
  • 17:09:08: I'm tryina figure out how I'm gonna get to the airport at the ass crack of dawn on Thursday morning. hopefully Erik loves me a ton.
  • 17:27:35: Sunday is major cleaning day. it's been months and this place is a fucking mess.
  • 17:47:06: man, if the buffalo airport had free wifi I'd just camp out there all wed night and then I wouldn't worry about thurs morning. haha
  • 17:54:59: echelons refresh is really annoying. but it doesn't freeze up as much as twitter app. hmm.
  • 17:55:53: echofons. lol. but thankyou autocorrect for the 30 seconds to mars reference.
  • 18:15:39: Nathan Petrelli, you're so sassy.
  • 18:21:18: my tweet count is going down. I might have to punch someone in tha face.
  • 18:27:03: wow gorgeous! RT @EverythingNYC: City scape with tie dye Empire State Building. via @setjeff
  • 18:29:04: 69% hehehe
  • 18:54:58: haha can you tell I'm so over buffalo?
  • 19:12:58: i want some cheese. i'm pretty sure i have some, so it's a good day.
  • 23:01:46: i'm listening to christmas music rn. so excited.

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