Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-21-2010

  • 01:06:53: aaaaahahaha loling forever. omg.
  • 01:07:47: i love you, twitter friends. never change.
  • 06:15:16: i want chocolate, but i don't have any. rawr i'm gonna eat chocolate frostingggg.
  • 06:53:11: ahahahahaha FML. so it doesn't snow AT ALL all this fucking time, but the DAY i have to fly home it's gonna snow. figures.
  • 07:16:50: NATHAN PETRELLI <3333
  • 07:50:38: omfg my itouch. i need a new one so bad uuuugh. or a smartphone, that would be better. fml.
  • 10:48:03: must sleep. laters.
  • 17:53:53: gdi my head hurts. my stomach hurts. waah waaah. lol
  • 18:09:13: I have the #glee version of poker face stuck in my head. get oouuuutttt.
  • 18:24:35: someone is listening to their tv so fucking loud. I'm gonna find them and punch them in the face.
  • 18:34:37: I want a burger. :(
  • 19:05:37: thirded! lol RT @eserei27: seconded! --> “@BrieH43: oh FFS. For the last time. I don't care if K/S started slash. I DONT SHIP THEM.”
  • 20:01:18: so that new JJ Abram's show that Jorge Garcia just got cast in... can we just cast everyone that was in #Lost? We wont mind, really.
  • 20:11:48: looking at my food porn site is killing me today.
  • 20:33:13: oh jesus fuck. of course at the mention of alex skarsfjiw i have fan clubs following me and telling me to join. get ur fugly off my twitter!
  • 20:36:31: i need to shower, but it's really cold in here. hrmm.
  • 20:41:52: omg how amazing does this look? *noms*
  • 20:44:28: omg pillsbury crescent layer bars :O
  • 20:52:04: omg i just want it to be thursday already so i can go to my familyyyy. haha i can't believe i'm actually saying this.
  • 22:44:27: so when you're stomach hurts so bad from starving and then you eat, it's hard to tell when the starving pain reaches the i ate too much pain
  • 22:44:31: my life. lol
  • 22:52:25: omfg how cute are these ladybug cheeses!?
  • 23:11:39: I miss the old kids. #Degrassi (via @GetGlue)

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