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Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-24-2010

  • 07:45:54: Photo: lost2004-2010: damn, i need a rewatch.
  • 07:49:09: Photo: lost2004-2010: this will always be epic to me.
  • 08:00:32: listening to the #lost final season soundtrack. it hurts so much, but it's so damn good.
  • 08:07:09: Photo: fuckyeahcupcakes: oh. my. gawd. these are the cutest cupcakes everrrr!
  • 08:26:28: i just made hot chocolate. nom.
  • 08:59:40: ugh i'm so fucked tomorrow morning. anxiety is already gonna keep me from sleeping today.
  • 11:33:51: omg the sun is glaring bright this morning. it better be like this tomorrow.
  • 11:35:55: ugh i knew this was going to happen. i can't sleep. i have to try, though cause i wont get any sleep till thursday night.. or...friday night
  • 12:00:08: alright, peace out.
  • 12:29:28: this is me sleeping. isn't it awesome?
  • 13:00:17: om finally tired. laterrrr.
  • 16:53:09: massive sneezing fit woke me up. awesome.
  • 19:01:39: damn allergy meds knocked me the fuck out. always awesome.
  • 19:15:54: holy crap it's cold.
  • 19:39:43: my family. omg. they're so cray cray.
  • 19:56:37: 15 more hours till food!
  • 20:00:12: haha my dad is like, go to bed early tonight. yeah ok dad, I just woke up. how do you fail to know me after all this time?
  • 20:11:14: I had a dream I fixed my roots. it's always disappointing to get RL shit done in your dreams.
  • 20:18:46: like 3 people in my fam have already called me saying to let my sister know when I get in to the airport at NYC. DUH people. common sense.
  • 20:19:56: I travel a million times a year and always do just that. do they all have amnesia?
  • 20:36:22: YAY my younger sis is coming tomorrow!!!! Thanksgiving will be perfect! now I just hope I make it to the airport in time. stupid shuttle.
  • 21:00:50: call people, pack, shower, watch modern family and cougar town. will go more like, watch tv, txt people, shower. watch tv, tweet, pack.
  • 21:13:27: i love when people call me, then text me and leave the same message as the voicemail, knowing i'll reply to the txt. then why'd you call me?
  • 21:18:39: I need a new ringtone.
  • 21:24:17: fuuuuck my sister just made me all nervous about tomorrow morning. fffff.
  • 21:30:25: RT @EverythingNYC: Photos: New York City's Holiday Windows 2010 -
  • 21:34:58: yo, if my mom decides to call me back during modern family, i'm gonna punch a baby.
  • 21:41:01: weee! so excited! RT @EverythingNYC: Kermit the frog at the Macy's inflation! via @devinlezama
  • 22:02:22: happy time starts now! #ModernFamily (via @GetGlue)
  • 22:08:41: why the fuck would people watch beyonce on thanksgiving night?? O_o
  • 22:32:21: I am watching Cougar Town #CougarTown (via @GetGlue)
  • 22:43:06: too legit to quit. haha #cougartown
  • 23:00:01: that was an awesome episode. #cougartown
  • 23:01:23: LOL. RT @ToddStashwick: buttfinger #unfuncandy
  • 23:22:33: how do people go out and party today, then deal with thanksgiving? i never understood that.
  • 23:28:56: Brrrr.
  • 23:56:27: tonight i have to figure out what i'm wearing for thanksgiving, christmas, new years and possibly for zach. this is too much in one night D:

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