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From Twitter 11-25-2010

  • 00:21:53: this mound of clothes in my bedroom isn't helping with the outfit selection.
  • 00:31:20: cranberry relish, mom? really?
  • 01:18:56: do i need to bring ALL my glitter colors with me? yes. yes i do.
  • 01:46:31: wow, my friends just for real never texted me back.
  • 01:50:26: Video: adrianpasdarfansite: oh, my heart. *wibbles*
  • 01:52:13: Photo: :D
  • 02:56:40: wow i just saw cupcakes that literally look like poop. not very appetizing. wont be making those.
  • 03:04:57: totally overpacked and i don't care, cause last time i underpacked. have to make up for it.
  • 04:24:05: oh GOOD. the shuttle runs on a sunday schedule today. which means there IS NO shuttle. fantastic.
  • 06:10:22: I should get dressed. gotta go soon. lol
  • 06:56:02: headed to the airport. i'm gonna be early. w00t
  • 06:58:40: this cab driver is giving me lessons on life and muslim religion lol
  • 07:14:57: gobble gobble gobble! haha
  • 07:20:54: holy fuck, that cab was expensive. i'm so overdrawn now lawl. my liiiife.
  • 07:42:35: Happy Thanksgiving mah peeps! eat lots! give thanks!
  • 07:45:56: haha the flight before me, they're like... we haven't boarded yet cause the sensor lights went on and we had to reboot the plane.
  • 07:49:34: how are there no plugs to plug my shit in? this airport. really.
  • 07:53:37: boarding in half an hour w00t!
  • 08:00:33: haha there's this massively gay guy sitting here complaining about how he's physically and psychologically messed cause the flight is early
  • 08:01:11: shut up dude, I didn't even sleep yet.
  • 08:12:51: I just unlocked the "Baggage Handler" badge on @foursquare!
  • 08:12:51: I didn't get touched or felt up! #tsa (@ Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) ✈ w/ 5 others)
  • 08:15:25: yesss i got the special baggage handling forsquare badge.
  • 08:25:30: we're supposed to board in 5 mins but the plane isnt here yet. lol
  • 08:47:51: oooh i got a special more legroom seat!
  • 08:50:15: fuck continental. jet blue all the way.
  • 10:16:05: landed in nyc! thanksgiving has begun! :D
  • 10:25:49: wooo (@ John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) ✈ w/ 96 others)
  • 10:36:32: we got here early, but it takes so long for the baggage to come out, that it makes up for all our extra time. lol
  • 10:45:13: haha my sister is like, wait inside it's really cold! guuurl, this is hoodie weather. this isn't cold!
  • 11:23:36: dunkin donuts coffeeee
  • 11:59:51: it's been taking my older sister literally 15 mins to send one text. idek.
  • 12:25:40: hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving! i'm cooking away with my sis!
  • 12:36:45: the sweet potatoes are covered in marshmallows. yummm
  • 12:46:02: i love the new feature where all my mentions come to me. i almost feel like i'm online haha. almost.
  • 12:47:36: smurf float! weee! #thanksgiving
  • 12:57:23: omgod santaaaa! yaaaay! aaaaaaaah :D #thanksgiving
  • 14:07:39: waiting for the rest of my fam to get here. i wanna see my mommyyyyy.
  • 14:18:21: man, i'm starting to get tired. already had 2 large coffees. woe no sleep.
  • 14:23:49: i'm being tortured by the dog show rn. ugh. and the stupid dogs here are giving me allergies. man, i hate dogs. lol
  • 14:30:56: oh they did NOT just use allegro from #bsg for the cape promo. fuck that.
  • 15:16:36: yay my parents are heeere!
  • 15:57:45: we're watching miracle on 34th st and i'm laughing my ass off. this movie is ridic.
  • 17:38:22: turkey time! finally! heh #thanksgiving
  • 18:18:46: haha my life. i'm so not feeling well and don't even have much of an appetite for thanksgiving dinner. i'm really tryin here.
  • 22:53:02: this cupcake from magnolia is putting me into sugar shock lol. not nearly as good as mine :P
  • 23:37:42: i can't deal with these dogs anymore. wanna go hoooome.
  • 23:50:23: headed home. wooo. hope u all had a good turkey day.

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