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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 11-29-2010 
30th-Nov-2010 02:04 am

  • 05:25:54: my phone that isn't activated anymore just lit up by itself. hrm.
  • 05:34:23: Photo: elizabethmademe: good god, that’s a whole lot of hot in one pic. http://tumblr.com/xdjsjf718
  • 09:32:31: sleeeeeps. time for a few hours of sleeeps.
  • 14:13:04: tired. so it begins. heh
  • 14:55:30: The insanity of my dad begins...
  • 15:53:51: allergies killing me again. i thought this shit was supposed to go away after summer. ugh.
  • 16:06:18: I am watching Degrassi: The Next Generation #Degrassi (via @GetGlue) http://bit.ly/cb3W08
  • 16:33:27: I cant stop eating the double chocolate cookies. Too yummy. Haha
  • 17:06:29: Omg my dad is making cabbage. I hate cabbage D:
  • 18:10:58: Omgodddd i got the cutest christmas card from my love! :D <3
  • 18:56:02: Verizon can't figure out why the mobile hotspot device we got isn't working. Wtg verizon.
  • 19:09:02: I'm so hungry and i'm gonna be stuck eating cabbage. Woe.
  • 20:03:17: We've been here for 2 hours. These people are idiots.
  • 21:02:43: 3 HOURS, VERIZON. Im gonna punch u in tha face!!! I'm still in the fucking store. Its closing and they still cant get it working! Rawr!
  • 21:31:33: Omfg finally headed home
  • 21:37:22: the cabbage stinks. i'm going in search of something else. there's no way i'm putting that in my mouth.
  • 21:46:40: i'm gonna eat before i pass out. back soon.

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