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fuck that

so i was way too tired to go see the star wars thing today. Everytime i take medicine before i go to sleep it always knocks m out so bad that the next day is completely wasted. And i havnt been taking my medication for like 2 weeks now. i know thats gonna catch up to me sooner or later and i am gonna be an emotional mess. i just keep forgetting...

so i am still gonna meet them to go see star wars. i dont know why. i hate that movie, i just wanna hang out with them. Vito has been gone all morning and i miss him. i guess i just want to hang out with him no matter what. i feel bad that i didnt go this morning cause he actually finally wanted to go somewhere and i couldnt. But i know he is gonna wanna go to sleep as soon as he gets home, and he probably wont wanna go to club dark tonight. oh well. i cant have everything can i?

as for everything else, its just a perpetual boredom till i can find something to do. i am really craving e which is not a good thing but its been a while and it would be nice...

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