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i'm falling even more in love with you...

what a perfect couple of days with him...and i know it can be like that always. He said such beautiful things to me...i know they were drug induces hehe...but i also know that he meant every word of it. a perfect world for 3 days straight. how can e be so bad when it is sooooo good??

he told me that he thinks we are going to be together forever. he kissed me and held me like never before. we slept wrapped in eachothers arms. this is all ive ever wanted. he is everything i have ever wanted.

and when the drugs wear off, it will still be perfect because now we know all these things we told eachother, and we are closer than ever. and i was there for him when he was sick, like i will always be. it was pretty romantic in a vito-csilla-weird kind of way...

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