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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 12-12-2010 
13th-Dec-2010 02:08 am

  • 04:43:09: holy shit, people are moving furniture and running around upstairs so loud the apt is shaking. at 345am. the fuck.
  • 10:29:26: my head hurts epic amounts rn.
  • 14:16:39: woooow my head hurts so bad. holy shit.
  • 14:30:37: I shouldn't write Christmas cards rn. they'd be like.... merry Christmas, don't be dumb this year.
  • 14:47:06: stepping away for some food.
  • 14:59:25: Peter petrelli is tryina steal cookies. http://twitpic.com/3fcrtu
  • 15:21:06: ugh my dad wants to run disks on my laptop. if he erases shit, the rage wont be contained.
  • 15:27:07: My mom wants to bake some more today. All i wanna do is RP. lol
  • 15:44:56: Duh. Thank you.
  • 15:54:01: may that be a lesson to you all... oh, never mind. lol
  • 15:55:00: ugh my dad stole my laptop for a million hours to run disks.
  • 17:21:03: *Whines* the disk my dad is running rn is gonna take all night. Arrgh i want my laptop back.
  • 17:23:08: Haha its checkin through all my pics. My dad is gonna get an eyeful of gay.
  • 17:37:54: oh great, now tweets aren't going to my phone. thanks for screwing up, twitter.
  • 17:55:21: my head. woe.
  • 17:59:29: Haha twitter just sent all my tweets and dms to my phone all at once
  • 19:17:13: ugh migraine meds time. I didn't want to, but it's too much.
  • 19:46:38: parents. driving. me. nuts.
  • 20:47:20: Stealin moms laptop. Gotta dl tweetdeck
  • 21:25:11: holy shit my moms laptop is insanely slow!
  • 22:25:38: i really miss having snow this time of year. i miss buffalo rn.

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