Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 12-20-2010

  • 00:17:45: My dads laptop has a phone jack so im gonna try and use the dialup. If he remembers the password. ffff
  • 00:20:19: Jersey is like 1988.
  • 00:25:20: Ahahaha the dialup phone sound. This is too amusing.
  • 02:10:36: Im totes getting sick DDD:
  • 04:03:45: I might OD on york peppermint patties lol
  • 08:43:54: Nightey night!
  • 12:43:14: Mornin! heh
  • 14:33:58: Ouch. man, i'm so achey.
  • 14:41:51: oh good, my dad was snooping around on my laptop.
  • 15:55:18: Mozzarella balls and tomatoes from the other night. Nom.
  • 17:28:11: My mom got me tix to see david duchovny's play on wed! squeee!
  • 17:50:37: Dealing with my family is like dealing with a sideshow act at a carnival.
  • 17:56:29: Holy fuckin brrrr.
  • 18:22:49: Walmart. Nathan would be appalled.
  • 19:13:35: All the good spike eps. Want.
  • 20:02:23: Almost home. wooo.
  • 20:17:56: My sis got me into cookie dough bites. good thing we had to stop at blockbuster. My craving was intense.
  • 20:27:20: I wish there was an x-files channel on tv.
  • 22:15:51: Such good food. I ate too much. heh
  • 22:45:18: My phone has a preset twitter msg button. Cool. Heh
  • 22:59:59: This cold needs to go away. Ugh.

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