Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 12-22-2010

  • 00:39:39: i need to feel better for tomorrow. i am not seeing david duchovny while i have a fever. no fucking way.
  • 00:54:24: fuuuck i left my fucking phone charger in jersey!! i have to find my old one and see if it fits. fml.
  • 01:10:00: I am watching Cupcake Wars #CupcakeWars (via @GetGlue)
  • 02:52:51: om nom twizzlers. i'm gonna eat the whole bag today
  • 06:58:21: Feelin sick. Early sleeps.
  • 16:19:39: I feel so sick. I hope i can make it to the play tonight. ugh
  • 16:34:11: And to make matters worse, i have to go with my dad. Who even when i'm sick is a complete asshole. I dont have the energy for him today.
  • 17:36:48: why do i have afternoon delight stuck in my head? lol
  • 17:54:44: the things i do for david duchovny. dragging my sick ass to this play. the trip to get there alone might kill me.
  • 17:55:24: i have to transfer trains 3 times? this is such BS.
  • 18:02:10: no clue what to wear. the trip is too cold to wear any of my really nice stuff. plus i'm sick, plus we're getting back later. fml. hard.
  • 19:32:58: I keep seeing adverts for australia. I think it's a sign.
  • 19:43:39: Omg we're in the 2nd row for #breakofnoon. I'm gonna see david duchovny up close and personal!
  • 19:48:37: There is a rly hot guy standing next to me. I feel like i've seen him before o.o
  • 19:57:22: Iz cold in here.
  • 19:58:47: Haha this lady next to me is trying to pronounce david duchovny's last name. I had to help her out.
  • 20:04:33: #Breakofnoon is about to start. Catch u kids later.
  • 20:08:33: The playbill. Featuring duchovny. nom
  • 21:44:12: Interesting play. DD was awesome as always.
  • 21:59:43: Dunkin donuts. Yay
  • 22:11:46: Headed home now. Feelin a little better than earlier. yaay
  • 22:55:04: I love nyc. We just passed a trumpet player, a guy with bagpipes and breakdancers at the same subway station.
  • 23:09:43: Hoooome. My mom is watching cma christmas. wat. lol

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