Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 12-30-2010

  • 03:40:30: john and rodney are two of the best chars ever created. srsly. #SGA
  • 05:34:12: i hate being hungry at 430 am here, when i can't get to the kitchen. bah.
  • 05:51:33: wow i just found a bunch of really good heroes vids i made that got taken down my youtube and vimeo. i need to get these back up!
  • 06:18:11: trufax RT @suckit_nerds: I have a bruise on my boob. Idk how it got there but I think we all know who to blame for this....@darkelegance
  • 06:35:03: I am watching Stargate Atlantis #StargateAtlantis (via @GetGlue)
  • 10:05:27: sleep time. *flops*
  • 16:21:31: Omfg my dad. he just got up to hit me. He literally just got up to yell in my face and lifted his arm to hit me. Fuck. This.
  • 16:28:16: Apparently not wanting to take things through the snow to my sister's party in brooklyn is cause for a huge blow up. This is crazy land wow
  • 16:34:27: At least i yelled back and made him look stupid cause he realized he was arguing exactly what i was already saying. I'm totally shaking rn
  • 16:35:53: I'm not a fucking kid anymore and ha, you can't push me around like you used to.
  • 16:43:48: Well, whe i woke up my mom gave me a starbucks gift card for new years, so that was nice. lol
  • 17:01:30: I think i'm just gonna hide in my room and watch stargate atlantis, then make my cupcake balls later. Or vice versa. Mmm cupcake balls.
  • 17:10:20: now i REALLY need a big ass painkiller. lol
  • 17:15:24: RT @cakespy: 2010, in review: Butterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutterbutter...sugar a ...
  • 17:17:12: s1 ep 6 - poisoning the well. #StargateAtlantis (via @GetGlue)
  • 18:07:46: The blue balls are gonna be green this year haha
  • 18:17:49: new years baking. weee.
  • 18:19:43: the #sga team was so nosy. no wonder they got into so much trouble. lol
  • 18:20:02: okay, watching atlantis AND baking at the same time. i can do this. haha
  • 18:55:31: ahahahahahaahah now my mom is bitching at me about not being interested in my dad's family. REALLY?
  • 19:52:56: ugh todays crap really tired me out. i feel like i can barely keep my eyes open. D:
  • 19:58:55: 1x8 Home #StargateAtlantis (via @GetGlue)
  • 20:33:17: small mention of adrian pasdar in his new movie.
  • 20:43:30: fughat on sale at hot topic heh
  • 21:28:37: 1x09 the storm #StargateAtlantis (via @GetGlue)
  • 21:39:02: Help me become Guru of Assaf Cohen on @GetGlue!
  • 22:00:49: ahaha i love when carson says "wee babies" #SGA
  • 22:04:46: ahah i liked hot chocolate on getglue and now its suggesting i like saturated fat. lawl.
  • 22:06:01: oh, and the united states. cause of course if u like hot chocolate, you like the united states. haha
  • 22:18:36: tayla is kind of a bitch. i was always on the fence about her. #SGA
  • 23:11:11: RT @IMKristenBell: AI-2011?Oh you bet I'm ready. And If this pic is a sign of whats in store, how can it go wrong?

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