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From Twitter 12-31-2010

  • 00:01:21: wooo again! #Chopped (via @GetGlue)
  • 00:37:54: wow the judges are super bitchy today. #chopped
  • 01:18:38: I am watching Jimmy Kimmel Live @jimmykimmellive (via @GetGlue)
  • 01:44:21: Cupcake balls part 2!
  • 01:50:36: Sooo creaaamy haha
  • 02:06:00: Cakeballs before the chocolate!
  • 02:50:27: i just wanna go home to buffalo. i don't wanna be here anymore. they're breaking me down over here and i just can't take it anymore.
  • 02:52:47: how am i supposed to move back here in august? they're already starting to make me depressed again. i just want to cry and sleep.
  • 04:58:11: ahahaha omg i'm watching stargate atlantis and there's cory monteith as one of the genii. i'm waiting for him to bust out a glee song lolol
  • 04:58:36: i was like..... what? nooo.... yes! omg! lol
  • 05:37:02: 1x10 The Eye #StargateAtlantis (via @GetGlue)
  • 05:39:12: holy shit, our neighbor is listening to TV so loud i can hear it over here. at 440AM. the fuck.
  • 05:43:29: this migraine just wont go away. all day it's been eating my head
  • 07:29:14: 1x11 the defiant one. #StargateAtlantis (via @GetGlue)
  • 09:19:52: no matter what i take, migraine is pounding through my skull. gonna try and sleep. pfftt.
  • 09:20:14: happy new year in 40 minutes to my bb. i love you <3333
  • 14:17:08: I'm always tired when i'm visiting my parents. Always. Ugh.
  • 14:23:54: Omfg my mom is so loud.
  • 14:33:34: My new #heroes shirt. It's so nice!
  • 15:07:09: why is it so hard for people to check their txt messages. i mean really.
  • 15:07:21: RT @chriscolfer: Happy New Years! My resolution for 2011 is to misbehave as much as possible so I'll have an interesting 2012 resolution!
  • 16:03:13: and the new years stress begins haha.
  • 17:15:35: Chocolate cake ball aftermath!
  • 17:18:44: Hope everyone has a safe and happy new years! love you all a ton <333
  • 17:42:52: okay! now to find my outfit!
  • 17:48:25: i just looked at the bottom of my Forever 21 bag and it said John 3:16. so i looked it up to see what bible verse it is and its --
  • 17:48:30: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. --
  • 17:48:45: how freakin weird is that? like, is that what the forever in forever 21 means?? lolol
  • 18:20:50: man, i'm too fat for life.
  • 18:36:03: i might attempt my kryolan uv dayglow eyeshadow today. w00t.
  • 19:44:32: Off to the new years party! Weee
  • 19:58:26: We got a fucking flat tire, ten blocks from my parents house
  • 20:06:45: Omfg we're dying.tryina get the wheel off. We have no clue what we're doing lol
  • 20:19:25: Haha i cant believe this. We're rockin these nuts and bolts
  • 20:29:59: WE DID IT. RAWR
  • 20:46:45: I hope we make it by midnight lol
  • 21:07:12: I want to punch everything in the face fn.
  • 21:18:39: Holy fuck. finally on our way. Jfc
  • 21:30:21: "Don't drive on the sidewalk, liz." Lol this night.
  • 21:54:42: Hahaha liz hit the wrong address in her gps and we were going to a chinese restaurant in brooklyn lolol. This night.
  • 22:28:16: Britney spears opera in the car. lawl
  • 22:51:07: We are heeeeere. Finally. Let the party begin.

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