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the sun will come out tomorrow...

night to day, and day to night. thats what everything feels like. i woke up sad...he went back to his bed...he didnt look too happy when he woke up, so i went back to sleep. i woke up again later and listened to some Korn...something i havent realy done in a long time. it brings back bad memories of really bad things that happened...and thats all i listened to when i was going through one of my really bad boughts of depression. but for some reason i just really needed to listen to it. then i got up and cheerfully came over to his bed...and surprisingly he smiled at me and held his arm out so i could lay next to him. he kissed me and we talked about what we were going to do today...

sometimes i jsu dont understand how things can change from one second to the next...

so we went to do the laundry, and went to eat...we got caught in a huge rainstorm. it was a really wonderful downpour and we got soaking wet. i felt like a little kid running in the rain with him. then we folded up the laundry and came home and now he is sleeping. i love my little vito. i love to watch him when he sleeps. maybe sometimes i am too hard on him and a bit too clingy...i wish i could stop that. i would do anything to be able to control that. he doesnt get how hard it is though.

its just that when i have him i wonder why on earth should i ever have to be alone??

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