Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 01-07-2011

  • 16:04:53: I hate hot dog buns with too much bun on them. bleh
  • 16:17:37: I wish my tummy would stop huuuurtin.
  • 16:33:16: if firefox quits on me one more time, i'm gonna punch it in the face.
  • 17:11:30: i wish my hair would dry faster. argh.
  • 17:12:17: in other vague news, i wouldn't touch that thing with a ten foot pole.
  • 17:17:42: omg yessss! i found $20!! that took a lot of scrounging lolol
  • 17:17:52: ugh i'm so poor. bah.
  • 17:25:57: twitter. you dumb bag of dicks.
  • 17:32:21: RT @TeeVeeGal: Three of my faves @MiloVentimiglia, @russcundiff & @dino101 did this Suite 7 short. Lots to <3 @ "hot hands" http://t ...
  • 17:32:46: yesssss milo's webvid is finally out!
  • 17:37:18: omg i have to go get ready. stop sucking me in, milo and your hot face.
  • 18:14:03: mother fuck. there's a hole in my sock.
  • 18:17:00: ok headed out for a bit to meet up with @willowwaxdoll
  • 18:17:24: hopefully there will be wifi? >.> lol my life.
  • 18:19:13: oh and we have no tylenol. perfect.
  • 18:23:15: ok really leaving now lol
  • 19:25:01: Omfg theres a sorority party at this bar rn. Dying. And now they're gonna sing karaoke....
  • 19:35:54: Beeeers
  • 19:58:04: This guy next to me smells so good omg. lol
  • 20:18:36: This bar has a $30 card minimum. Who does that?
  • 20:28:28: Checkin in on annies phone. Bah lol (@ Iggy's)
  • 20:35:07: RT @willowwaxdoll: Its not walking-into-juke-box time yet! @darkelegance
  • 21:12:48: Pbr and jameson. Yeaaah
  • 21:18:10: Getting wifi from the hot bartender!
  • 21:27:43: I'm at CVS/pharmacy (1396 2nd Ave, E 72nd St, New York)
  • 22:08:12: Pfffft i love my bb @tehalz and i dont caaaare <3
  • 22:11:37: They're singing the ducktales song for karaaoke! @willowwaxdoll
  • 22:19:01: Bawwww
  • 22:32:19: RT @willowwaxdoll: Don't go chasing waterfalls... -hanging with @darkelegance-
  • 22:36:50: I'm at Iggy's (1452 2nd Ave, btw 75th & 76th, New York)
  • 22:53:09: Total eclipse of the heart!
  • 23:01:45: Oops told my parents id be home an hour ago. I feel 16 lol. Headed home now lol
  • 23:18:42: Omg parentals. I am too drunk for you rn lol
  • 23:36:12: Finished with dinner. Want cheese doodles now loll
  • 23:41:48: 49 mentions? dayum. lol

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