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From Twitter 01-08-2011

  • 16:38:52: i had to run out to the other room and flail to my mom about adrian on castle! she's super excited now too!! ahhhh!!! adrian!! :D
  • 16:39:57: i couldn't have imagined a more perfect thing!
  • 16:48:37: RT @lijeyeshaveit: I am LOVING this Adrian Pasdar news! Castle is one of the best shows ever!
  • 16:49:48: i cannot contain my excitement! adrian party! #AdrianPasdar (via @GetGlue)
  • 16:53:09: A SUIT, YOU GUYS. A SUIT.
  • 16:58:53: ok i must step away to eat. back soon.
  • 17:12:33: amazon recommends heroes season one for me. really, amazon? how did you figure that one out?
  • 17:14:09: haha oh man, i dont even wanna check how much my phone blew up with tweets right now.
  • 17:18:18: *bounces around*
  • 17:21:12: no mother! i do not want to go shopping! i'm talking about adrian!
  • 17:23:14: haha god, my mom. she picks up a candy cane. A CANDY CANE. and she goes, oh i shouldnt eat this, so many empty calories.
  • 17:33:19: oh good, now my mom is calling me unintelligent cause i'm on the computer. love it here.
  • 18:05:55: RT @verymarykate: accidentally spilled my coffee on the new fall line. the new fall color is now taupe.
  • 18:19:04: god modding. gotta love it.
  • 18:38:53: haha ok now i'm gonna go see how many mentions my phone has lol
  • 18:39:12: 63? good god.
  • 19:04:27: ugh next week is stressing me out. why does everything have to fall on the same days?
  • 19:15:55: this evening is drive csilla nuts evening, isn't it.
  • 19:16:50: .@HesamZ and i have totes matching icons. i love it. haha
  • 20:31:14: time to make ze quesadillas
  • 21:08:02: dying of the jealous.
  • 21:50:15: holy fuck i just made the best quesadillas ever.
  • 21:57:42: I am watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist #NickAndNorahsInfinitePlaylist (via @GetGlue)
  • 23:18:16: i'm sorry... wat? oh good lord. no. RT @asexiness: New blog post: Glee plans tribute to the Bieber #justinbieber
  • 23:21:34: ahaha i just realized Warner is Alarik from TVD #LegallyBlonde (via @GetGlue)
  • 23:36:03: RT @trannymike: crying RT @ChelseaNYC: Will NYC be ready next week?
  • 23:47:28: ahah i forgot ali larter was in legally blonde.

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