Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
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From Twitter 01-10-2011

  • 01:43:31: win.
  • 03:06:38: I nominate @TrevorProject for a Shorty Award in #charity because they world hard to help save LGBT lives.
  • 03:16:59: i hate when itunes changes their terms and conditions like every fucking week and logs me out so i can accept them.
  • 06:46:22: how i'm gonna go to sleep in 10 mins, i do not know.
  • 07:04:46: i love when i'm awake for people going to sleep and waking up. and then taking a nap. lol
  • 07:31:39: root canal in 4 hours and i havent slept yet. go me.
  • 08:00:36: gonna lay down and.... try to sleep? or just lay there. lol
  • 11:05:40: Nrrrg. Dnw to be up.
  • 11:27:51: off to get my root canal. D: awful day. bah.
  • 11:43:10: Man im glad this dxentist office is only 3 blocks away.
  • 11:48:24: Of course he's late.
  • 11:55:26: The doctor just walked in the door. Ugh.
  • 13:26:39: I have to come back on fuckin wed. This is ridic. Fml so hard.
  • 13:28:12: But he finally gave me painkillers so yay? but ugh. Hate this. i feel like my jaw is broken rn.
  • 13:35:36: Waaaah waaaah.
  • 13:49:17: Ahaha this guy on the street: jesus lived in africa, why would he tell you to buy christmas trees?!
  • 14:03:42: I must really not be feeling well. I just started packing. lol
  • 14:08:08: YAY :D RT @SpoilerTV: ABC Renews - Grey's, Private Practice, Castle , Modern Family, The Middle and Cougar Town.
  • 14:43:05: ahhh my internet is being wonky DD:
  • 15:21:21: Fuck. My internet isnt working. They're sending a new router tomorrow D:
  • 15:47:59: i want cheese doodles but i cant eat a damn thing right now. my mouth is killing me. painkillers get here quicker plz.
  • 16:03:06: oh good, the dentist gave me the antibiotics that give me bad stomach cramps. just keeps getting better and better. lawl.
  • 16:31:41: RT @welovecult: The dangers of reading your twitter feed too quickly - "Britney Spears releases flesh eating zombies a day early, fans ...
  • 18:24:19: mother fuck. i can't even bite down a little. even with pain pills it hurts D:
  • 18:26:12: i hate when people copy my stuff and don't credit. rly now.
  • 18:50:30: great. my dad took the house phone wires apart near the wall and now he can't get it to work again lol.
  • 21:18:46: omg my mom made stuffed mushrooms and it hurts so much to eat! torture!
  • 21:36:21: I am watching Rules of Engagement #RulesOfEngagement (via @GetGlue)
  • 23:02:49: I'm a Fan of Mike and Molly on @GetGlue
  • 23:22:08: I am watching Castle #Castle (via @GetGlue)

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