Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 00:55:38: haha my sis and i are having the most ridic convo right now. wat up.
  • 00:56:53: i cant believe im not gonna have internet all night. what the fuck am i even supposed to do? lol
  • 02:34:18: tweets and DMs from this account arent going to my phone till tomorrow. if you need me, txt me.
  • 02:55:59: signing off this account till sometime tomorrow. gnight <3
  • 16:45:14: fml my mouth is in so much pain.
  • 16:48:04: so we got our new modem, but my dad fucked around with our phone line yesterday and it's not working. jfc. i wont have internet again tnight
  • 16:55:09: and my dad wont stop streaming music, which is slowing down the wifi we're stealing rn lol.
  • 17:33:17: i'm so stressed out right now. argh.
  • 17:48:16: okie dokey. off to get ready for dinner with @icalynn, @eserei27 and @relaxinator. we get to go to st. marks. yay :D
  • 17:49:09: i dunno what to weaaaar.
  • 17:58:10: oh great, the huge snow is supposed to come tonight.
  • 18:38:14: RT @BreakingNews: NYC declares weather emergency in advance of expected snowstorm - NY Times
  • 19:20:19: Well at least it's not cold out! W00t
  • 19:52:30: Yay st. Marks place. Can i live here nao?
  • 21:13:17: Ate at cafe mogador with my peeps. Food was really good.
  • 21:55:57: It's snowingggg
  • 22:19:44: I'm at Starbucks (13-25 Astor Pl, at Lafayette St, New York)
  • 22:21:01: Red velvet cupcake and strawberries n creme. Be jealous

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