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From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 12:59:13: People with fucking dogs and stupid kids take up the whole sidewalk. Stay at home, jerks.
  • 13:04:39: My stomach hurts so freakin bad. I can't tell if it's from starving or nerves :(
  • 13:09:58: And of course he's late. Again. like i don't have things to do today.
  • 14:01:58: Ugh im still here. Waiting for xrays.
  • 14:03:16: He keeps fuckin hurting me. bah. He hasnt even filled it yet, he's just messing around inside my toof D:
  • 14:30:31: He only just finished. That hurt so bad i wanna cry for 5 hours. Holy fuck.
  • 14:32:36: Haha my sis sent me pics of ian somerhalder and milo on my phone. that always makes things a little better.
  • 15:37:22: OMFG FINALLY ONLINE.
  • 15:42:21: uuugh i was just on the phone with verizon for an hour. i feel like i spend my life on the phone with them.
  • 15:50:07: RT @Wil_Anderson: Here is a gig in Sydney raising funds for the victims of the Qld floods. Have a laugh and help out: http://evaporaid.t ...
  • 16:01:04: between my bb's troubles and my dentist, i haven't even had enough brain power to squee about seeing zach tonight yet. so SQUEE!!
  • 16:03:46: SIIIIIIIIIIGH the internet is moving so slow. jfc
  • 16:07:22: it really makes my day when assaf cohen talks to me :D
  • 16:14:58: man, being on the internet now is like taking a hit of crack. lol
  • 16:19:50: i'm so thankful that my bb @tehAlz is ok. it's really hard being so far away from someone you love so much! <3
  • 16:23:54: omfg i am so hungrryyyyyy and i can't eat yettttt. i'm getting stomach cramps. ugh.
  • 16:55:19: omfg these meds are knocking me out. i need a ridic amount of starbucks.
  • 17:03:33: omg seeing zach in three and a half hours!
  • 17:03:53: RT @bobguiney: Tix are available for Band From TV Feb 19-21 at the Fallsview Resort Niagara Falls(Canadian side) Tix info at www.ticketm ...
  • 17:08:46: my dad is watching soccer and some guys name is Pinto, so they keep saying it. it's really fucking annoying. lol
  • 17:12:58: i have to go. and i'm sitting on my ass rping, not wanting to go back out there. bleeeeh.
  • 17:58:51: Aaaand i'm off. Headed downtown to meet up with my bbs before angels in america!
  • 18:05:05: Fuuck i forgot to bring socks! Where's ma petrelli?!
  • 18:33:18: Zaaach i'm coning! I'm almost there!
  • 18:54:23: Omgoddddd just saw margin call clips!!! Zach! I can't wait for this!
  • 19:53:34: I'm so drowsy omg. Zach will wake me up i hope!
  • 20:13:52: Omg 15 minutes till zach!! :D
  • 20:23:21: Holy shit front row. the stage is RIGHT HERE! Zach!
  • 20:25:49: This is how close we are. I cant even get all the sign! Heh
  • 20:37:19: Rufus wainwright is heeere. Haha
  • 20:47:59: We're starting late cause of technical difficulties... :O
  • 21:52:24: Intermission! Its so fucking good omg. Zach is perfect! #AiA
  • 22:02:41: Zach has never been more beautiful. This role is so perfect for him. The rest of the cast is fab as well!
  • 22:59:52: Zach! (@ Signature Theatre Company (Peter Norton Space) w/ @eserei27)
  • 23:01:30: 2nd intermission! man, i'm already tearing up.
  • 23:05:36: Sara gave us chocolate acorns from ohio.

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