Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 01-15-2011

  • 00:56:08: RT @eserei27: ugh, some people!! they rail so hard against something, when they're the ones who are actually perpetuating it.
  • 02:03:43: go away, twitter. you're annoying tonight.
  • 03:48:05: signing off of here for the night. later kiddies!
  • 08:10:25: Time for sleeps. Gotta get up soon haha. Gnight <33
  • 14:46:42: Fuuuuck there's no heat or hot water. How the fuck am i supposed to take a shower? Arrrrgggh.
  • 14:53:48: I specifically didnt take a shower at the hotel s i could take one at home and now i can't. Fml
  • 15:51:00: arble garble
  • 16:10:50: my dad made me food, so now i'm gonna eat it.
  • 16:20:33: who knew that taking one person off my feed could improve things so drastically? lol
  • 16:36:47: alright, headed out. catch you kids later.
  • 18:18:25: Showerrrr!! Yay i finally feel clean!
  • 18:50:24: Going out to eat and chill. Then we're gonna watch BFTV streaming live wooo.
  • 18:52:52: I'm at Travel Inn Hotel (515 W. 42nd St., New York) w/ 2 others
  • 19:12:50: Fooood (@ Ollie's Sichuan Restaurant w/ @silverjedi331)
  • 19:31:04: Scallion pancakes nom nom
  • 19:40:32: Pad thai. Nom nom
  • 20:55:06: back at the hotel. chillin.
  • 21:28:20: adrian!! :D
  • 21:41:24: it's stalling too much for me. baah
  • 22:33:24: arrgh my internet signal sucks. i can't win.
  • 23:08:08: RT @AustralianOpen: We want to get #RallyForRelief trending. Hashtag your tweets, Tweeps. Let's get this event out into the Twitterverse ...

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