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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 01-17-2011 
18th-Jan-2011 02:04 am

  • 02:00:14: that was a good sleep.
  • 02:25:25: some heat would be nice.
  • 02:32:51: RT @AdamoRuggiero: congratulations @chriscolfer on his GG win. Thank u for representing LGBT youth so honestly to America. We are born t ...
  • 02:55:07: ugh my apartment is such a freakin mess.
  • 03:39:13: Unffff adrian. http://youtu.be/HWlI-CMYU3c
  • 03:53:31: sometimes i think people just don't understand the level of my love for adrian pasdar lol
  • 04:07:22: ugh god, this job. one of the qualifications: Commitment to the Jesuit mission and tradition of Canisius College. lolol
  • 04:07:44: i am very committed to the jesuit mission. duh. lol
  • 04:44:36: it's weird being back in my apartment after being gone for so long.
  • 05:33:45: could megan fox be any more barf worthy? i mean, really.
  • 05:40:14: RT @RSPCAQld: The latest from the newsroom. Animals continue to be affected by the floods - please help us help them. http://fb.me/FWQefkRQ
  • 05:44:45: i am so disturbed rn, i can't even.
  • 07:45:10: my jayne hat is so awesome rn. i'm freakin freezing.
  • 07:59:17: i wish i could switch the heat with have in nyc with the heat we have here. it's so disproportional to the setting. ugh.
  • 09:06:43: oh thank goodness. i packed my external HD. phew.
  • 11:27:51: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away #BeingHuman T-shirts to 5 people who retweet this note by tonight's BH premiere at 9/8c - http://twitpic.com/3 ...
  • 12:41:49: herp derp i guess i'm not sleeping again. lol
  • 13:47:22: i'm so glad i normally sleep during this time and can now do so again.... even if i can't sleep today. lol
  • 14:47:58: this sun is highly unnecessary. go away, please.
  • 15:33:44: Milo Ventimiglia will be In Beastie Boys Short Film http://j.mp/fdZrnG w00t.
  • 15:39:43: Also, Milo's scenes in The Temp Life are here http://youtu.be/xhU6-PHqpzs and http://youtu.be/8q-46Na5tI0
  • 15:40:33: been waiting for that one for a while now. yay milo :D

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