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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 01-20-2011 
21st-Jan-2011 02:04 am

  • 12:03:56: i'm answering the door in my jayne hat. i don't even care.
  • 13:03:42: lol RT @SpoilerTV: Skins - May violate federal child pornography laws http://goo.gl/fb/x1xRh #skins
  • 13:28:14: i have such privileges in my life and i feel like half the time i waste them away. i fail so hard.
  • 14:04:59: ahaha oh nathan http://twitpic.com/3r8xdu ilu.
  • 14:29:03: why do i need a peter petrelli foil trading card? why? because he is beautiful and i want it is not a valid answer. lol.
  • 14:49:36: RT @dhewlett: I'm up and running at Blastr.com! Come by and bring your friends...especially the snarky ones! http://bit.ly/evYvcP
  • 15:11:58: RT @dref22: I would kill (read: molest) someone to see Jack Coleman and Ricky Gervais sharing a scene.
  • 15:16:34: haha fugitives arc. sometimes i just have to sit back and laugh/cry about what they did to nathan. #random #takingamoment #heroes
  • 15:18:45: and every time sylar says "i'm back" at the end of season 2, i always shout out "NO UR NOT!"
  • 15:22:14: this just made me laugh so hard. RT @ physorg_com: Fiercest birds make the best home decorators http://tinyurl.com/4s8csc4
  • 15:25:30: *breathe in, breathe out*
  • 15:37:06: just when i was about to give up on twitter, today has been amazingly amusing.
  • 15:37:33: bwuahahaha just as i was about to give up on twitter. that's amusing enough.
  • 16:18:40: so NOW i start feeling tired, after not sleeping all night. ugh. nap.
  • 20:32:13: sleep was good. could have been longer. my sleep schedule is completely wiggity wack.
  • 20:50:25: going through withdrawl so i have to watch, even if i'm not caught up lol. http://is.gd/8JMrfZ (via @GetGlue) @communitynbc
  • 21:10:54: that's it. fuck you all over again nbc.
  • 21:12:32: "All new heroes on monday. starting with chuck and the cape." ALL NEW HEROES ON MONDAY. THEY REALLY SAID THAT. @ebrown2112 @kittenspawn
  • 21:13:39: wow.
  • 22:03:19: I am watching CSI http://bit.ly/cAgVpK (via @GetGlue) @csi_cbs
  • 22:06:25: i honestly don't understand why they need a new criminal minds. it's the same show with an added title and new people...
  • 22:32:21: I am watching Parks and Recreation http://is.gd/ZNFnpW (via @GetGlue) #ParksAndRecreation
  • 22:47:58: lol simon pegg. your argument is invalid.
  • 23:44:38: gonna watch #heroes season 2. shush.

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