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From Twitter 01-22-2011

  • 05:56:15: Saw them live. One of the most wonderful shows I have ever been to. Every song is beautiful and captivating, only ma...
  • 06:14:34: i just love when its 3 degrees F outside. it's gonna be 0 on sunday. can't wait for that one.
  • 06:17:17: oh i'm sorry, now it's -3 on sunday. wonderful.
  • 07:07:34: RT @GabrielSaporta: you cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck i do not give
  • 07:08:01: RT @AboutPhysics: Parallel universes: Learn about the many worlds interpretation of quantum physics. #physics #science
  • 08:07:28: RT @bandfromtvlj: NAMM Show: Tom Couture Photography posted a lots of pics of the NAMM Show, click here for them.
  • 08:25:26: omg those BFTV photos of adrian. totes dying of happy.
  • 08:46:23: ugh i need to find a word to say instead of retarded. i never say it , but every once in a while i still have the urge, for lack of --
  • 08:46:36: a better word. must be remedied.
  • 09:26:52: anyway, back to heroes. (via @GetGlue) #Heroes
  • 09:40:17: season one claire <3 #heroes
  • 09:42:08: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! D: D: D: RT @DarkUFO: Terry O'Quinn & Michael Emerson Project Put On The Backburner
  • 09:46:31: LMFAO RT @dref22: @ebrown2112 I have my opinion and you have yours. If there was only one truth, we wouldn't have unexpectedly crappy art ;)
  • 10:08:03: haha if nyc would see the snow we have out my window right now, they would all cry.
  • 11:17:13: Prettyful snow out my bathroom window heh
  • 13:01:45: arrgh im always surrounded by stupid short haired s2 peter icons when i don't need them. now that i need em, i can't find em.
  • 14:24:55: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away my Syfy branded iPod Nano 8GB to someone who retweets this note by 1/24 at 5pm PT -
  • 15:36:20: ugh my mom got my other nail polishes. i want them now.
  • 18:34:25: now i get tired. just fml. seriously.

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