Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 01-23-2011

  • 16:43:20: oh NIN, chill. time for some more relaxing music.
  • 16:51:59: omg i just found all my series 1 #heroes trading cards. yatta!
  • 17:01:02: milo ventimiglia episode! (via @GetGlue) @nbcsvu
  • 17:08:27: Milooooo <3
  • 17:39:31: aww mariska's bday marathon. how cute. #svu
  • 17:49:58: god, i love this pic. milo and bradly cooper ftw.
  • 19:05:18: ugh some people.
  • 19:29:10: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away my Syfy branded iPod Nano 8GB to someone who retweets this note by 1/24 at 5pm PT -
  • 19:55:52: RT @syzzlyn: @ZacharyQuinto have a safe flight and go celebrate with those guys!! @coreymoosa @nealdodson @cassianelwes
  • 20:00:50: RT @eserei27: nanananananananana... Superman
  • 20:18:10: aaagh, stop falling asleep, self!! it's still the wrong time!
  • 20:21:00: ahahaha omg matt davis has a tumblr too. how did i not know this. win.
  • 20:26:32: RT @Calumfan1: People should be eternally grateful for the gifts bestowed upon them, next time they may not be so blessed.
  • 20:38:09: CRAIG WANTS TO GET STABBED IN THE EYES. RT @Kent_Stark: @eserei27 Megan > Milo by far!!!!!!!
  • 20:48:15: don't mess with milo's guru. lolol
  • 20:55:02: unf. srsly.
  • 21:11:07: omfg i want this doctor who mug so much i think i forgot how to breathe for a moment there
  • 21:22:00: me too! RT @trannymike: AHAH me RT @beinggayisgay: I have an unhealthy investment in the outfit, hair, and makeup choices of my girlfriends.
  • 21:36:12: uuugh peter petrelli keeps fucking up it's syncing. i dont want to upgrade to 4.2 and lose my jailbreak! bah.

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