Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 01:08:06: my body hates me haha. i'm choosing to laugh about this, cause wow.
  • 06:28:05: I am watching Fringe (via @GetGlue) #Fringe
  • 07:13:26: dude, people be trippin if they thought thursdays ep of #fringe was boring. that was awesome. fantastic episode.
  • 07:29:45: fridays ep of fringe, rather. heh.
  • 07:38:48: I am watching Off the Map (via @GetGlue) #OffTheMap
  • 07:48:55: and i thought my -3 was bad! RT @BreakingNews: Temperature at Adirondacks, northern N.Y. falls to minus 36 degrees
  • 07:59:32: up for 30 hours. baww. time to try sleeps again.
  • 17:06:20: when I start rping I forget I have a rl account lol
  • 17:33:46: ugh I'm gonna miss castle tonight. not cool.
  • 18:18:41: meh. I need to stop.
  • 18:30:02: omg heatwave tomorrow! 30 degrees!
  • 19:28:57: why is grilled cheesus trending again? lolz.
  • 19:29:58: UGH my mom is such a technophobe. she wont even TRY. so frustrating.
  • 19:47:19: i should eat before going out... i keep forgetting to eat. ugh.
  • 20:12:18: RT @NYCShopGuide: @EverythingNYC Attention: If u see a homeless person who needs shelter from cold, call 311 & city will dispatch someo ...
  • 20:15:24: more info on the beastie boys vid with milo ventimiglia
  • 20:31:45: csilla, eat! now!
  • 21:08:54: lol skins
  • 21:09:23: RT @James_Hibberd: 'Battlestar' director to helm NBC's magic series
  • 21:09:41: AHHHH ZACH!! :D
  • 21:13:59: RT @jimmykimmel: First, Oprah goes to Australia. Now she’s got a half sister. This is all morphing into an episode of LOST.
  • 21:22:47: RT @latimes: Two teens found dead in Huntington Beach with empty can of Four Loko RT @lanow
  • 21:22:57: siiiiigh. lol
  • 21:27:20: shower time!
  • 22:05:40: ok. i can do therapy. i'm always much better at helping others when i'm feeling like crap anyway...
  • 23:02:17: man, am i glad i've made some awesome friends on here. no drama. just good times and being there for each other. happy bday HvZ!! <3
  • 23:02:40: and now i'm off to finally see the RL friends i've been neglecting lolz.
  • 23:08:45: omg tweetdeck just died on me. guess its a sign to go get ready since i have to leave in 20 mins and im sitting here in a robe lol

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