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From Twitter 01-25-2011

  • 10:18:26: with folgers in your cup? RT @Calumfan1: @eserei27 The best part of waking up is @darkelegance and me being us!
  • 10:20:45: OMFG! RT @Dragon_Con: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy confirmed for D*C 2011! 219 days to go!
  • 10:24:07: fuuuuck i was gonna make cupcakes today but i dont have eggs. i dont wanna walk all the way to the store in this freezing snowy weather rn.
  • 10:34:06: haha i was typing in adrian pasdar and milo ventimiglia in my google search and the suggested ending was gay attached to it. lol
  • 10:47:24: this pic of adrian will always be the best ever. lol
  • 10:53:13: milo dressed adrian. trufax @Calumfan1
  • 11:06:24: RT @BreakingNews: Verizon to offer iPhone buyers a $30 unlimited data plan, source tells WSJ ahead of company meeting ...
  • 11:06:28: aahhhhh!!!
  • 11:10:36: oh nooo. only 3 acorns left! @eserei27
  • 11:11:42: uuuuugh why am i awake still??? i thought i fixed this yesterday! fml.
  • 12:06:07: ugh i really want mozzarella sticks and pizza today. no fair.
  • 12:07:11: RT @NathalieCaron: New Blog Post! When Amy Pond meets the Tenth Doctor Who #DoctorWho
  • 13:35:56: ugh i did something last night i shouldn't have. buuuut i don't completely regret it. even though i should. meh.
  • 13:42:59: ugh im just gonna order food. bah. i have to eat sometime.
  • 14:23:06: RT @eserei27: aww, looks like @nbc is having a really hard time getting good ratings in their Monday at 9 slot. so sad :( http://bit ...
  • 14:25:29: man, i really need to read a book.
  • 14:35:02: RT @welovecult: Win a #DoctorWho prize pack: A Bowtie, Fez, and Sonic Screwdriver! Follow @welovecult and retweet this to enter!
  • 14:43:34: lol nice. RT @GillianJacobs: How dare the Academy snub Jackass 3D! Outrage!
  • 15:12:08: michael hogan! ee! RT @Dragon_Con: From Michael Hogan and Eddie McClintock Coming to Dragon*Con 2011:
  • 15:41:26: i should really try and sleep now. ugh.
  • 17:49:52: RT @beforethedoor: @zacharyquinto Simon Baker & Penn Badgley on the edge of the slopes... @margincallmovie
  • 18:26:55: SQUEE!! RT @adrianpasdarfan: Adrian Pasdar Fansite : News - Picture on the set of Castle:
  • 18:27:05: *FLAILS AND DIES*
  • 18:28:23: omfffggod adrian!!! suit!!! ahhh!!!
  • 23:00:50: Slept a little more than wanted, but still not enough. Meh

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