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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
the humming is the aircondition... 
10th-Jul-2002 03:12 am
we went to see MIB 2 today. we went shopping first so we went real late and we were supposed to see the movie at 12:30 but the guy said the last showing was at 11:30 and it was like 11:50 at the time, so he let us in for free! it was pretty cool. the movie was funny but kinda short. i really enjoyed watching itwith Vito though.

afterwards we went food shopping (before we only got fruits and vegetables) and that was pretty fun. i always love doing htat ogether too. we came home and put away the stuff and now Vito went to bed. Hes sleeping on my bed but he says he doesnt like it there cause he hears this weird humming, and he doesnt sleep well there. so when i get off the computer, since its on his side of the room, he wants me to wake him up so he can come sleep on his bed. i love when he sleeps with me though. i love when he wrappes his legs around me or hugs me or lays his head on my arm. he makes me feel safe at night. i know he has been trying though. i can tell, and that makes me really happy as well, so sleeping without him isnt too bad since my eyes are closed and i am dreaming about him anyway...

can i get more corny??

Felix- to the left
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