Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 02-05-2011

  • 00:26:44: misha collins will be at dragon con, for those of you that care.
  • 00:31:48: Tahmoh Penikett, Michael Hogan and Mark Sheppard will be there too. which i actually care about. heh
  • 00:36:31: and i love how james marsters just goes to every con ever. lol
  • 00:40:32: I am watching Misfits (w/10 others) (via @GetGlue) #Misfits
  • 03:18:02: finished s1, on to s2! (via @GetGlue) #Misfits
  • 07:14:58: sick. going to sleep early <3
  • 13:25:32: Nrrrg. still feeling sick.
  • 13:35:45: oh good, we have another winter weather advisory for today.
  • 13:40:25: lol if everyone would just chill out, this sdcc thing would go a lot smoother.
  • 20:01:54: oh, you sad, poor children. :P
  • 20:12:29: i love when i have $2 in my bank account. it makes me feel super special.
  • 20:20:11: ugh looking at superbowl food recipes is killing me. i need to stop.
  • 20:31:51: i thought i was feeling better. looks like not.
  • 20:48:29: omfg firefox. stop crashing!
  • 21:26:29: getting the mail requires pants. ugh.
  • 21:27:41: tbh, i went back to sleep today cause i was missing vito and i felt like this would be a very emo day. don't think i fully avoided it.
  • 21:33:42: thanks guys. love you <3
  • 22:41:50: holy freakin blizzard outside.

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