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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 02-10-2011 
11th-Feb-2011 02:05 am

  • 19:17:38: people make so many excuses. I'm pretty sick of it.
  • 19:37:10: yay!!! RT @SpoilerTV: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Shooting Has Begun - Press Release http://goo.gl/fb/Hm82k #bsgbloodandchrome
  • 19:45:04: I think linlo is smoking crack again.
  • 20:11:20: omg dying! RT @LieutenantLoker: LMAO THIS FOREVER RT @wonderella: How crazy does Egypt have to get before the Scorpion King gets summoned?
  • 20:13:51: that x-men trailer was better than any of the new movie trailers during the superbowl. actually looking forward to this one.
  • 20:16:46: ugh i hate everyone at NY fashion week right now. i wanna be there so bad.
  • 20:17:35: haha i love me. geeking out over a scifi movie one second, then lamenting over fashion week the next.
  • 20:29:56: #glee you fucking asshole. you got a justin beiber song stuck in my head. i will NEVER FORGIVE YOU.
  • 20:32:06: omfg now i want pizza logs. woe is me!
  • 20:34:37: LOL RT @ronmarz: Trailer, shmailer. Let's be honest, guys. Most of us bought our tickets as soon as we heard "January Jones is Emma Frost."
  • 20:38:26: RT @trannymike: lmao how high are you RT @lindsaylohan: Hello Facebook. Yes, this is actually Lindsay. Welcome to my Facebook page!
  • 20:45:58: haha my google alerts are milo, zach, zach, milo. this is happy.
  • 20:59:30: uuugh i knew milo's movie was gonna be at SXSW. wish i could goooo.
  • 21:00:36: YAY! http://bit.ly/3eg6eP (via @GetGlue) #TheVampireDiaries
  • 21:03:37: elena is far too skinny #TVD
  • 21:09:55: tyler, you douchebag #tvd
  • 21:17:19: ugh they're so cute. #TVD
  • 21:19:40: shit! what just happened? i missed it! #thevampirediaries
  • 21:21:59: ahaha this tmobile commercial. i thought the guy said "I'm an iphone whore" no, csilla. iphone 4.
  • 21:30:29: AHHHH!!! #TVD
  • 21:56:22: oh man, ZQ and michael urie on stage together would have been AWESOME.
  • 21:56:37: aww yay #TVD
  • 22:02:42: katee sakhoff :D http://bit.ly/cAgVpK (via @GetGlue) @csi_cbs
  • 23:31:17: I am watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia http://bit.ly/dxkPbG (via @GetGlue) @AlwaysSunnyFX
  • 23:54:58: haha i just spend 20 mins on the phone with my parents trying to long distance reset their TV remote.
  • 23:56:29: what would they do without me? idek.

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