Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

can i be a porn star?

name; csilla
age; 19
location; nyc

what do you think of . . . [ the big stuff ]
the death penalty; against it
why?; cause no one has a right to kill anyone
abortion; pro-choice
why?; it should be a womans choice to do what she needs to do
gun control: for it
why?; why should anyone have a gun? especially little kids...
president bush; dumb fuck
why?; cause he is a dumb fuck...
religion; no big deal
why?; believe what you will...doesnt mean your right though
seperation of church and state; good idea
why?; we dont all have the same religion and personally i think religion would get in the way of life.
assisted suicide; for it
why?; cause sometimes people need to die and they dont have hte strength to do it themselves
homosexuality; totally for it
why?; why is this even a question?
michael jackson; whatever
why?; there really isnt any controversy over this in my opinion

what do you think of . . . [ the not-so-big stuff ]
high school; sucks ass...way too much drama
why?; everyone thinkgs they are cooler then everyone else. most of them are just posers
brand-names; stupid
why?; waste of money
makeup; looks good
why?; cause fun makeup rocks
school uniforms; bad idea
why?; clothes are a big part of a persons individuality
rebuilding the trade centers; not good
why?; cause a memorial should be built instead
linkin park; love them
why?; they rock
blink-182; good
why?; they sounds cool and they are hot
drugs; love em sometimes
why?; they take you to higher levels baby!
the truth campaign; dumb
why?; people are gonna smoke despite what a stupid commerical tells them
how much money the cast of friends is earning; outragious
why?; give the money to teachers and firemen and people who are helping children grow, thats our future not stupid tv stars
eminem; ick
why?; so played out
napster / file sharing; the best thing in the world
why?; how can it not be?
the end

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