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From Twitter 02-11-2011

  • 06:43:59: Photo: fuckyeahgorgeousguys: oh yes, matt bomer. you can lay on my bed any time.
  • 07:33:39: Photo: loveyourchaos: i hope this is me someday soon.
  • 07:59:51: ugh spoilerssss.
  • 10:11:50: I earned the Circle Of Friends sticker on @GetGlue!
  • 11:42:02: today is gonna be unfollow friday. hah.
  • 11:49:07: argh.
  • 12:20:37: man, that felt good.
  • 12:30:44: RT @BreakingNews: 'The people ousted the president," chants a crowd of tens of thousands outside Mubarak's presidential palace in Cairo
  • 12:31:15: 'the people ousted the president'. that made me think of foursquare lol.
  • 12:40:30: i am so jealous of this burger right now. ugh.
  • 12:41:31: doesn't anyone have AIM or some kind of instant messenger anymore? my RP feeds get so clogged with so much excess chatter.
  • 12:41:54: or you know, DMs.
  • 12:54:25: is lady gaga serious with this madonna rip off? i mean, we all know she's ripping her off anyway, but this is just ridic.
  • 12:56:00: at least it has a good message. that's it's only redeeming quality.
  • 12:58:59: ngl, she's grown on me, but anyone who says she's original is just kidding themselves.
  • 13:01:05: this. RT @ibonekoen: @darkelegance And I`ve had Express Yourself stuck in my head since, LOL
  • 13:05:47: man, i said the foursquare joke first. lol
  • 13:25:38: ugh i'm so stressed out about cleaning this place. i hate how snowy and icey it is outside. makes taking trash out so hard. bleh.
  • 13:30:02: later gators.
  • 18:57:10: yay #fringe Friday.
  • 19:09:25: ugh I'm such a libra. don't fault me for it.
  • 19:15:16: haha my mother thinks those rihanna sunglasses that are hanging by a chain are the most awful thing ever.
  • 19:53:02: valentines day. mixed feelings this year.
  • 20:43:10: oh man, i really wanna go to the #glee tour. fff
  • 20:54:38: omfg FU glee bots! i will not take your survey for an ipad!
  • 20:56:03: ugh rough day. why are you upon me, makin me sad?
  • 21:06:04: haha my real life friends. thanks for being the worst friends ever.
  • 21:06:59: the other night i went out coz she was feeling like shit. i didnt want to go out but i did anyway because she was having a horrible night.--
  • 21:07:32: so tonight i feel like absolute crap and i wanna cry myself to sleep, so i ask her if she can come over to hang, but she's insisting we go--
  • 21:08:08: out. i have no money to go out. chilling here with a bottle of wine would be a lot better. but noooo she ha… (cont)
  • 21:10:10: haha she's like... we'll i'm feeling crappy too. oh, okay.
  • 21:51:35: oh yeah. #fringe. kinda not feeling it tonight. bleh.
  • 22:00:16: woo (via @GetGlue) #Fringe
  • 22:01:19: ugh #fringe
  • 22:14:35: RT @FRINGElive: I really like that team. I don't like Fauxliv, but I like that team. #fringe #fringe313 #fringefriday
  • 22:54:45: same thing, dude. same thing. #fringe
  • 22:55:59: #fringe is making me so mad. i mean, are you srs right now?
  • 23:00:16: ugh fuck this. i can't deal with this #fringe situation. they better fix this.
  • 23:06:42: on usa. with grissom. the only way to go. (via @GetGlue) @csi_cbs
  • 23:20:06: so my friend is supposed to call me once she's done doing whatever she's doing, to let me know where she's going out. think she'll call? lol
  • 23:26:02: man, i miss the old #csi

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