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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 02-12-2011 
13th-Feb-2011 02:04 am

  • 01:49:38: me: guess u forgot to txt me friend: nope me: what do you mean, nope? u didnt text me like u said. are you drunk? friend: maaaybe. i'm home.
  • 01:49:46: fml. just... really.
  • 01:56:01: Photo: dietkiller: well this is awesome. http://tumblr.com/xdj1hpbj5t
  • 02:01:37: take me or leave me. glee cast. this i can get down with.
  • 06:48:53: happy sigh. http://tinyurl.com/6e4c5b4
  • 07:00:01: woo amanda tapping at dragon con! :D
  • 07:02:54: man, now I really have to do my stargate costume with @Silverjedi331. amanda tapping here we come ;D
  • 07:57:41: another blizzard. i can't even see out my window right now.
  • 08:12:11: it looks like the movie, the day after tomorrow out my window, only with gusty winds and snow fall. ugh.
  • 10:09:32: fuck this end of the world weather. i'm going to sleep.
  • 17:52:28: ugh I'm so tired. kept waking up from weird dreams.
  • 18:15:38: god, I cannot believe the shit I have to deal with. seriously do not need to wake up to people being assholes.
  • 18:18:56: I'm too nice to people. I give them far too many chances. fuck this.
  • 18:24:34: ew people. stop going to chick-fil-a. seriously.
  • 19:40:34: At least they plowed some of the streets http://twitpic.com/3z4xc5
  • 20:40:44: RT @jenthefangirl: Oh for fuck sake @Syfy Saw movies should be no where near your network, especially during I love Scifi month! Play th ...
  • 20:42:25: lol @ so many sylar twitters having the same userpics.
  • 21:33:00: eh, who needs RL friends. I have the best fandom friends ever.
  • 21:41:41: in case you missed this warblers gif.... haha http://tinyurl.com/4fplyz4
  • 22:07:15: Major Lorne, Doc Cottle and Carson Beckett are all in the saturday scifi channel movie. together they can do good things #BSG #SGA
  • 22:08:44: Photo: fuckyeahqaf: oh man, i think i know what i’m watching tonight. http://tumblr.com/xdj1hyoxva
  • 22:52:48: ryan reynolds sucks.

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