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i like things hard...but not my bed

Couldn't sleep for half the night cause i think my bed i too hard for me. i feel like i can feel right to the bottom of it and it hurts me. especially sinc i hurt my back at my grandma's. damn carnival rides. hehe.

so here i am, one more day of not getting a pathetic am i? i have like $200 left in my bank account, Vito has $200 too, and we have that much to live off of until Vito gets some more money...soon hopefully. or maybe i should just get off of my lazy ass and get a job...

vito might go to buffalo this weekend for his sisters graduation party. then he wants to go hook up with his friend loreen. what fun. that should be an interesting couple of days...i dont really want him to go. but hey, maybe it will be a good time for me to learn to not be such an emotional freak...

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