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*o see you when i wake up, is a gift i didnt think could be real...*

Updating from a computer at the new jersey library...what fun. ive been doing a lot of shopping and thinking. thats all you can really do here...hehe

ive been working on a scrapbook of me and vito. so far it is comming out lookign really good. better then i thought. i got some photos developed of the two of us and they came out soooo well. i even made wallet size ones of them cause vito said he needed a picture of us in his wallet =)

i am going back home tuesday or wednesday cause vito is probably going home then too and i really miss him. i am actually doing ok in the missing department. i dont miss him as painfully as i thought i would. its like, time apart is not great, but its ok...i hope kelvin is ok at home. i miss him too.

i am gonna dye my hair again today. i wanna do it blue or purple but i know i am probably gonna end up doing it red again. i love red and black hehe. that means i get to go to hot topic today which is the only store in the world where i buy the best stuff. i never spend less then $50. its really horrible but i cant help it. lol. i love being a goth princess hehe...

i miss my naked suicide girls...;)

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