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good day

So i just got back from meeting my friend Erica. It was so cool. We just hung out and talked and had fun. I'm so glad that I got a chance to do that.I really hope we do it again soon. I can't believe BOTR is not on tonight :( bummer. My mom never really liked the show so she was like"aww" sarcasticlly. she just doesnt get it. My computer keeps freezing and I don't know why. that sux. I only have about half a month till I go back to college and then i'll have my good laptop with faster connection. Plus i will be on for like 24 hour which is always good :) My sister went with her best friend to long island today. She'll probably come home and start complaining again cause thats all she's been doing these days. My dad is still watching soccer. For the past few weeks from5-11pm. Its so boring. But i just listen to Flickerstick the entire time so i'm ok with that. Good thing there are reruns in the summer or i would be missing all my shows! now that flickerstick is not on anymore i dont have to worry about stressing over that or missing it (god forbid!!) hehe. fun day. hope it stays that way :)

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