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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 04-03-2011 
4th-Apr-2011 03:04 am

  • 03:46:40: haha poor craig.
  • 03:52:16: RT @Kent_Stark: @suckit_nerds @darkelegance first off I'm NOT getting stabbed in the eye! And I'm not getting hit with hammers.
  • 04:07:54: i do not need to be wearing 3 fucking layers of clothes and a blanket in fucking april!
  • 04:11:38: hers is a whorish love. i really just said that.
  • 04:17:29: see, this is why we need to go to SDCC
  • 04:17:51: RT @suckit_nerds: i love how we just all jumped to defend milo's ass.
  • 04:55:54: if candice accola is at sdcc and i'm not there, i may die. #tvd
  • 05:01:55: ian somerhalder smokes. lol
  • 07:13:17: ugh the pipes upstairs are making even worse sounds now.
  • 08:33:53: sleeep.
  • 14:43:06: RT @isardasorensen: Pretty clouds over Central Park today, looking north toward Harlem. #NYC http://twitpic.com/4glsad
  • 14:44:32: I dreamt that my sister and I went to the beach. then I woke up still in buffalo.
  • 14:45:38: ok everyone, step away from getglue and no one will get hurt.
  • 14:56:07: why do people have such a hard time looking things up on google? just go to the page and type in you're question. jeez
  • 14:58:15: stupid autocomplete. your.
  • 15:27:07: omfg this noise in the pipes in my building needs to stop. what the fuck.
  • 15:53:16: I am watching Sex and the City http://bit.ly/eIIGB3 @GetGlue #sexandthecity
  • 17:12:04: RT @AtheistQ: "When we move beyond God or no God and start to be responsible for ourselves we start to live."-Colin Shingleton
  • 17:43:54: RT @FringeObservers: Have you entered today? Follow @FringeObservers and RETWEET this & be entered to win a #Fringe Season 2 DVD or BR.
  • 17:54:36: omg it's supposed to rain for two weeks. i fucking love april. :D
  • 17:54:46: we'll see if that actually happens, but still. YAY
  • 19:20:57: i have this awesome ceramic pan, but nothing to put in it. woe.
  • 19:50:33: i would kill for a piece of fruit right now. lol
  • 20:48:28: snow. lol
  • 20:48:48: holy shit the flakes are huge!
  • 21:00:08: I am watching Chopped All-Stars http://bit.ly/eyY2Hg @GetGlue #ChoppedAllStars
  • 21:04:09: hahaha what the actual fuck #chopped
  • 21:15:25: i love the dramatic music when there's a bad comment. lol #chopped
  • 21:25:13: srsly? over the guy with the beet juice that was too overpowering? no way #chopped
  • 22:02:56: I earned the Book sticker on @GetGlue! http://bit.ly/hbceIs
  • 23:03:41: ditched again. la di da.

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