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Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 04-12-2011

  • 00:52:53: RT @fuckyeahlost: Did you catch @DamonLindelof on tonight's episode of #House?
  • 00:54:37: in other news, SO excited for dragon con :D
  • 01:03:18: that fucking blue thing on the top of my screen telling me to switch to new twitter is so damn annoying. GTFO.
  • 01:30:26: what? i love this show :P @GetGlue #WizardsOfWaverlyPlace
  • 02:21:09: cleaning forever.
  • 02:52:45: i just spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time searching for a specific peter petrelli screen cap. lolz.
  • 02:54:09: also, wooo i have this nathan poster. an original from the set, too :D #heroes
  • 03:45:34: aww the new hayden pics are cute :)
  • 07:30:20: ugh there's sun, and my stomach hurts and i just feel bleh.
  • 07:41:56: no mom, i am no talking to you at 745 am. i textd you so i wouldnt have to talk. stop calling me.
  • 08:00:45: sfjwpoefjw this faaaace :D #heroes
  • 08:49:32: sleeps.
  • 17:02:52: yay glad zq is back here.
  • 17:07:27: ok so maybe today will be laundry day. today or tomorrow lol
  • 18:10:38: "Hayden Panettiere: Fans Ask How I Have Sex With My Much Taller Man" hahahahahahahaha
  • 18:11:49: gross. now i can't stop visualizing it.
  • 18:16:24: oh, ONTD. you always bring in the lulz.
  • 18:18:59: omg so excited for The Good Wife tonight. it;s gonna be an epic episode!
  • 18:41:47: ugh getting rid of my stuff is harder than i thought.
  • 18:46:27: $975 for a 3 bedroom apartment?? that's the one good thing about buffalo.
  • 19:02:08: ugh food, come to me now.
  • 19:22:45: holy shit, someone needs to get a life LOL
  • 20:05:36: holy fuck my back hurts. where this came from, i have no idea.
  • 20:06:14: RT @FringeObservers: Just a few days left to enter! Follow @FringeObservers & RETWEET this & be entered to win a #Fringe Season 2 DVD or BR.
  • 20:21:58: Now I just have my bedroom left to clean. The most daunting task of all.
  • 20:58:25: i fucking hate children. is there a reason you're all standing in the parking lot making barking and whining dog noises? stupid.
  • 22:56:20: omg omg omg #thegoodwife
  • 22:58:13: oh god, i just got chills. #thegoodwife
  • 23:44:33: hayden is on conan right now.
  • 23:45:51: hahaha first question is about her and her boyfriends height difference. people are so obsessed with this!

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