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*i'd walk a thousand miles if i could just see you tonight*

~~Cory: Dude, if you were promoting your meat, you'd be awake. If we
ask you to play the drums, it's all 'Dude, I'm too drunk' but if some
chick wants you to come home with her, you'll *bleep* her until 7 in
the morning.

haha i miss these guys...

so i just got back from jersey today. Vito is coming home tomorrow. i am really glad about that cause he was planing on coming thursday. he actually called me today hehe.well i got a lot of shopping done in nj. got cool stuff from hot topic once again, and i finally got my platform flipflops and my brandin sneakers hehe. kelvin was really happy to see me. he was chasing some weird cockaroach a few miutes ago. really freaked me out. yuck.

andrea wrote back to me today. it was one of the most beautifl emails i have ever gotten. it really made me cry. i was so happy to hear from her. despite this whole josh thing i think everything is gonna be ok.

i dyed reddish/pink streaks in my hair. they look really good. i wish i had a webcam or something. hehe. i wanted to dye the whole thing but my mom thought that would be a bit much if i am trying to find a job. hehe

i miss vito and i miss buffalo...

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