Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 04-14-2011

  • 00:33:43: holy crap, i just looked out my window and it's pure fog.
  • 01:58:56: Super fog!
  • 02:22:14: man, i am so fucked next week.
  • 02:22:48: i really need to just stop existing.
  • 03:46:08: lol peter. you're so silly with your shenanigans. #rp
  • 04:00:38: noah bennet bot LOL
  • 05:15:13: I am watching Glee @GetGlue #Glee
  • 05:47:22: oh man, s1, ep4 of glee. love it. love kurt.
  • 07:25:54: the football team doing single ladies is quite possibly the best thing ever. #glee
  • 07:51:21: Photo: › Captain Jack Harkness jack harkness. man, oh man.
  • 09:25:15: ugh i do not need petlar in my face rn. gtfo.
  • 10:17:08: getting rid of my clothes is so hard. ugh. it shouldn't be.
  • 10:23:54: RT @FringeObservers: Only 3 days left to enter! Follow @FringeObservers & RETWEET this & be entered to win a #Fringe Season 2 DVD or BR.
  • 10:36:03: holy shit, it better not be this sunny the rest of this weekend. i cant deal with this crap.
  • 10:46:27: ooh, passed 61,000 tweets! go me. #twitterwhore
  • 11:13:49: ugh. hungry. hungry and sorting clothes is not a good combo.
  • 11:17:20: SICKENING. RT @HRC: Anti-Gay Groups Ramping Up Marriage Campaign in New York -- #lgbt #ny4marriage
  • 11:21:02: oh my godddddd i just found the cutest my little pony and spongebob stickers that i didnt even remember buying at the dollar store haha.
  • 11:54:17: i wish i could take something stronger than tylenol right now. ugh.
  • 12:08:05: oh my god, worst allergy attack ever. i can feel the dust in my lungs and my eyes are swollen. fuck this shit.
  • 12:25:28: alright, i need to pass the fuck out.
  • 18:07:59: RT @FringeObservers: We're giving away #Fringe season 2 on DVD/BR! Follow @FringeObservers and RETWEET to enter. Enter daily. Ends 4/16/11.
  • 18:17:47: love waking up with allergies that are just as bad as when I went to sleep.
  • 18:38:08: RT @TrevorProject: Kobe Bryant was fined $100K for use of an anti-gay slur. We're grateful speech like this is not tolerated by the @NBA.
  • 18:46:49: ok, not sneezing every five seconds would be awesome.
  • 19:15:25: i'm gonna start a food for csilla fund.
  • 20:00:50: yay! @GetGlue #TheVampireDiaries
  • 20:06:06: oh, damon <3 #TVD
  • 20:37:14: holy shit, the club music down the block is like extra fucking loud today. shut the hell up.
  • 20:40:47: this episode reminds me of buffy the vampire slayer so much. heh #thevampirediaries
  • 20:43:41: what the effff #TVD
  • 21:04:16: i miss vegas. which is weird, cause it's not really my kinda place, but i miss it.
  • 21:28:54: oh my god, i just want to stop fucking sneezing. i even took a damn allergy pill and nothing is working.
  • 21:44:48: that's it. i can't clean anymore.
  • 22:21:49: uuuugh i wanna see scream 4 tonight. but, hopefully i'll be seeing it with @willowwaxdoll, so that's even better!
  • 22:30:18: I am watching Glee (w/228 others) @GetGlue #Glee
  • 23:25:40: jfc, now my allergy meds are knocking me out. i can't win.

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