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can it get any weirder?

Finally fell asleep at around 8am. how much does that blow. and i woke up at 12pm, kelvin still meowing away...noe he is sleeping...punk. i was still sneezing like crazy so i finally took some dayquil, i hope that does the trick without making me drowsy.

Vito is coming home today. his flight is at 7:15 which means he'll get home sometime between 9 and 10. yippee!!! i found a schoolgirl outfit i am gonna wear for him cause thats been like his fantasy. hehe. and i am wearing my glow in the dark underwear..ok a bit more info then ya'll wanted to know, but it is so cute. my sister was like "its so funny that mommy bought you gay pride underwear without even knowing" lol thats pretty funny.

last night vito called me like three times and told me how much he missed me and loved me. that was so sweet to hear. i was beggining to think that he didnt even miss me that much...i dont know, i am weird and insecure. i shouldnt be insecure with him.

he just called me and told me that anneliese, his exgirlfriend, is coming into the city tomorrow and she wants to have lunch with me, vito and her boyfriend. that is gonna be sooooo weird. i dont know ow i feel about that but i guess i have to do it cause vito reallyw ants to. its a little sudden and kinda weird. i feel nautious now. lol. what the hell am i gonna do? i am gonna be a nervous wreck and a big dork. and thw whole time i am just gonna be thinking how much better she is then me. like what do i say to her????? AHHHH!!!! HELP!!!!!

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