Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 05-09-2011

  • 10:22:17: dis bitch on the food network is making me want bloody mary's right now. at 1030am haha
  • 11:11:21: I really need some little tartlet pans.
  • 12:20:47: oh, patrick stump. that new song. just no.
  • 12:26:56: my lucky charms were in fact, magically delicious.
  • 13:13:57: RT @seamusdever: New #Castle episode tonight at 10/9pm central. There's lots of shiny stuff, smiling, and pretty feet. You'll dig it.
  • 13:17:13: hmm... i could prob use to get more sleep.
  • 13:35:58: RT @Syfy: Retweet this note by 5pm PT on 5/13 for a chance to win 1 of 3 #Stargate Universe press kits -
  • 20:45:57: my throat hurts :(
  • 21:03:40: I hate when people have conversations with twitter as if it was a real person and it will answer back. you don't need to tweet everything.
  • 21:19:19: well, ok then. guess I'm off to do some things.
  • 21:40:14: i just got asked out haha.
  • 21:42:13: see, the problem with SGU is that it's really nothing like stargate. they have one. that's about it.
  • 21:42:47: well, that's not the only problem, but there you have it. lol
  • 21:47:21: with that said, goodbye stargate. even though you ended a long time ago.
  • 21:59:55: well, as far as endings go, that was a nice one. #sgu
  • 22:02:46: new ep. yay! @GetGlue #Castle
  • 22:19:08: RT @NOH8Campaign: URGENT! Help "Save the Gays" in #Uganda by signing this petition. Only a few days left to #BeHeard ...
  • 22:59:23: lol poor Castle.
  • 23:17:08: ugh people are so rude.
  • 23:24:00: my echofon update better not screw it up.
  • 23:36:45: oh man. fridays teefury shirt is gonna be torchwood. eeee.

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