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rainy day, happy day =)

Today was totally awsome. we got up kinda in the middle of the day, we got ready and went out to the library. it was good to show vito a new place where he could find stuff he needed. So we sat there reading for a while.i got this cool book on finding careers that suit your personality. Vito got a few books on financial careers. we took them out and as we were leavin the library, there was a HUGE rainstorm. I have never seen such a big thunderstorm in nyc before. and it didnt stop for hours!. so we went to dunkin donuts/togo sandwiches, and got food and stuff, looking at all the hot wet girls and taking pictures lol, then we went home. We did a few things around the house which was cool cause it made vito feel better, then we were gonna take a shower together but we ended up having sex in the shower which has always been like one of my fantasies hehe. lol i know too much info but it was so awsome. then we sat in the shower and fooled around (like normal fool around not sexual) hehe, and i took lots of pictures of him and stuff. lol. but it was really fun. we were gonna go to a club but i had a much better time. now he made me some food and we are gonna watch this thing on UFO's that he brought back with him from home.

tomorrow we are gonna go to the siren music festival at cony island. its gonna be so much fun. i hope it doesnt rain but i hope its not to hot either! today was one of the best days =)

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