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the hardest thing in this world is to live in it...

the past two days have been somewhat...strange...

yesterday vito, annie and i went to the siren music festival at coney island. it was really awsome. we saw a couple of bands and we walked around the boardwalk. we got slightly drunk off of pina coladas and strawberry daqueries. we just hung out and talked and had lots of fun. we spend a long time there,and around 7:30 my mom called to say that she was gonna be home in 2 hours to drop off my stuff. so we headed back but it took us so long to get home cause there was a fire at con edison and all the power went out below 14th street. we really wanted to check it out but by the time we got back to manhattan, everything was working again. so annie was gonna come over but she called her parents and they gave her a whole fit about coming home and if she wasnt home in 20 minutes then she shouldnt come home at all, so we felt really bad and walked her home. personally i wouldnt have gone home and i would have told my parents to fuck then i talked to my mom cause i was trying to get in touch with her for 2 hours and my dad started yelling at her and all this stuff. so when i got back home i was pretty upset over that...i just hate dealing with my dad's shit, and i hate that my mom still deals with it. so then vito and i just talked and fooled around for a bit. he took a shower and slept with me on my bed. we talked a little about the way he treats relationships...i was more hurtful then i wanted to be, but we were tired so we just went to sleep.

today we woke up really late. we were supposed to meet anneliese for lunch but she called back saying she was leaving in an hour so she couldnt. vito kept sleeping for a while and i was just depressed so i didnt really want to do anything. i took a shower and then we fooled around a little. I still felt like crap so he wanted to go work out to make me feel better. so we went to work out and it did help a little, then we decided to go find a coffee place thats open late so we could go hang out and read, and then we are gonna come home and watch a movie. i do feel better then this morning, but i wish i knew why i was SO depressed all of a sudden...

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