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the crazyness...

i went to PJ's last night. Had tons to drink but i didnt even get buzzed. I think the 151 the nigth before killed everything inside of me and now i will never be able to get drunk again unless i drink that. lol . so my roomate woke up at like 11 and i'm like are you kidding? so she starts to play dave matthews band and normally i would be upset cause music that damn early on a sunday waking me up would piss me off. but it was noce and i was too tired so i fell back asleep. So then i'm like ok time to get up but then i see she went back to sleep, so i did too. so i just woke up at 3pm. ahh it feels good. i'm still tired though lol. I have SOOOO much homework to catch up to its not even funnjy. i need like an extra day just to do all of it. i should really start doing it on a regular basis.

the flickerstick concert is this weekend. I am so totally excited. i dont even think it hit me yet that i am actually going. i wanted to give them something cool but i dont know what!! its really killing me! 3 doors down is this friday too. thats gonna be awsome! this week will be the best hopefully. too bead we actually have to go to classes. that kinda kills it all. lol

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