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It's been one of those mornings where you havent slept all night cause you have just been doing...nothing...hanging out maybe? but its ok cause you feel like your whole life is ahead of you. and all these horrible things are looming infront of you, and all you can do is laugh, and be with the person you love. i told him i would be with him forever if he would let me. i know he didnt like that, but its true. and i can honestly promise that too him...

so now we are going to go to sleep after he gets back from getting some bagels...and then we are going to get up late as usual...he is going to hate himself for never doing anything. i will be in a good mood until he doesnt really want to be around me...then i will go lay down and get upset, and then i will realize that its late and we should start getting ready cause we actually have plans and need to go do things. so reluctantly he gets up...trying to get me to say he doesnt have to go first...and then he gets in the tub and everything gets a little better...

And i just know how it is cause this is how it always is...and i love him no matter what, and i wont give up so easily because i have to deal with bad times, or things that are not so great...and i will stick with it cause thats what love is all about...

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