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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
yeah baby yeah! 
26th-Jul-2002 04:55 pm
Got up late again...what else is new. I got a call from my mom saying that i possibly have a job interview on monday. go me. i should be happy but its just making me natious and nervous. whatever...

annie is coming ocer at 7 and we are gonna go see austin powers, then we are coming back to my place so she can change because i think she is more poser goth then she likes to think. she doesnt want to walk around all dressed up. i'm like dude, i walk around like that every day...whatever. so then we are gonna go to club dark, which i hope is fun cause we really need a place to go to on the weekends. what sux is its only open friday and sat. but still, its all good...

i'm a little down today, but not so much. i didnt sleep very well so that could be it. Vito still wants to hook up with annie tonight. i told him i would even though i am not really attracted to her in that way, because i want to make him happy. he wants to have like actual intercourse with her though which from her viewpoint, i dont think is such a great idea. it would be really hot, but i just think its too much too soon. but we'll see cause shes sleeping over so i guess we will have plenty of time...

i'm starting to think of how much i need to go back to buffalo, even if its just for a visit. there are people there that i need to see so bad...and i love it there. i know it will make me happy...i feel like i will eventually be choosing between what makes me more happy...i hate it.
Felix- to the left
26th-Jul-2002 03:10 pm (UTC)
well, this entry will make it a little easier to tell you what i want to say, but still not for a few days, right now it's too unrealistic, i have to wait for something and see, and it's not all worked out, so...i don't know, hehe, i'm such a dork and i don't know what i'm doing
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