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This weekend we went on a mini trip to Boston. It was pretty fun. Vito kinda navigated us through the whole thing. i was really proud of him. We went through a lot of Boston following a trail. We saw lots of nice buildings and quincey market. We ate at Uno's (lol) and it was really good. By the end of the day we were so tired though and my back really hurt. i could barely walk...but we went to a really beautiful section where there were all these old houses that people lived in, and this one street that still had the original coblestone roads. AS soon as we got back to the car I fell asleep. We got home pretty late and then just went right to bed.

today we just slept mot of the time. we were supposed to go see a movie but that didnt work out. i guess tomorrow...

stuff has been ok here i guess. i just had such a great time with vito this whole time that i cant imagine what would have happened if he wasnt there...

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