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Its been a very eventful couple of days i guess. all in all i had a good time. Annie slept over and we fooled around for literally the whole night. it wasnt as bad as i was fearing it to be. it was kinda nice actually. in a way i feel like it got me closer to Vito. She came over on Friday at night and we hung out for a while. Then we were going to go to a club but everyone was kinda tired and not in the mood so we decided to just go walk around in the village. I love walking around there so it was cool. i wish more stuff was open though. Anyway, we went to a deli first to get some coffee and mountain dew to wake us up...then we went to these sex shops...they were really cool. i wanted to buy all these cute colorful things. we ended up buying edible body paint, and this powder that tasted like berries that came with a feather. it was really nice. then we walked around some more and went to a little cafe with a swing. we were going to get strawberries and chocolate but they didnt have it so we just decided we were going to come home. So on our way home we stopped at the supermarket and got some chocolate and bananas and marshmallows and graham crackers to make smores. we also got whipped cream...i was gonna use ti for fun but Vito bought like 10 cans to get high off of. it was actually a very cool feeling. So then we fooled around for a long time and then we decided we would go to sleep. Around 9 in the morning i woke up and couldnt really sleep anymore, and vito and i always wake up at the same time (i love how we are in sync like that) And then annie woke up cause we were making too much noise. so we just talked a little and then fooled around again till like 2pm. it was amazing hehe. then finally we went to bed, woke up at 6 and rented Zoolander. then annie went home. i had a good couple of days. i am still not sure about the annie thing, but for the time being its working out ok i guess. i mean, i am still not really attracted to her but i know how much it means to Vito. He was just so happy yesterday, it was like his dream come true...and that what i want to give him. i think it might actually improve our i dont really know what to do now...???

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